Biophysics is actually the study of physical quantities in biological systems. It is the quantitative study of Biology, Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. We use the basic principles of physics to understand the theories and behavior of the Biomolecular system.


In physics mostly the mathematical laws are applied in a lot of theories. Biophysicists use these laws in biology for a better understanding of biological processes and the internal working system of organisms.

Biophysics Definition:

Biophysics is the branch of physics in which we deal with biological processes in the light of physics.

Biophysics is also the branch of biology, known as physiology in which we use the methods of physics in many logical phenomena to understand the biological system of livings.

In biophysics, we study the mechanism of the inner part of the body, the formation, and movement of cells, the working system of the brain, blood circulation, and much more.

Biophysicists work on proteins. They create powerful proteins according to modern demand that is used for better health of humans as the treatment of many diseases.

Biophysicists also work on the ecosystem. They measure and model all aspects of the environment. They work to overcome air pollutants across the atmosphere and aware people about the harmful effects of pollutants.

Biophysicists also work on upcoming climate issues. They work on the development of fuels from the living micro-organisms for the replacement of gasoline as a fuel.

History of Biophysics:

The study f Biophysics was started in the 1940s by the group of physiologists in Berlin school. Earlier studies were occupied only the link between physics and biology. At that time lot of theories and laws were introduced that were helpful to understand the mechanism of internal parts. But the technology at that time was not sufficiently advanced so those biological methods were not able to account for the specific biological phenomenon.

When the German scientists dominated the biophysics they study the effects of radiations and electromagnetic field in the life of humans and other livings.

This field gain popularity when the book What Life is? was published. This book contains lectures on the life of livings and explains the processes of livings using the laws of physics. In this book, the idea was generated that there was a molecule in all livings that contain specific genetic information. This inspires the scientists to characterized the genetic molecule.

With the passage of time, changes occur and biophysicists give a specific shape to theories. And the modern biophysics covers all the scales of biology as well as physics. And modern techniques were introduced that not only detect the diseases also give solutions to those diseases.

After this many techniques were developed that create vaccines for the treatment of many Farel diseases. In addition to the structure of DNA, many other techniques were also introduced, like MRI, CT scan, dialysis, radiation therapy, etc.

Branches of Biophysics:

Biophysics has further two major branches that are:

1.Molecular Biophysics
2.Medical Biophysics

Molecular Biophysics:

Molecular Biophysics is the branch of biophysics in which we study the molecules and cells, their movement, behavior, and disorders. Also, study the interaction between DNA and RNA and also study how their interactions modulate.

Fluorescent imaging, X-rays, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy are the modern techniques of biophysics that are used to cure molecular disorders.

Medical Biophysics:

Medical Biophysics is also the branch of biophysics that is responsible for the development of drugs and the instruments which are used in surgeries. Medical biophysics is the best discipline that improves and saves human life. In this field principles of physics and mathematics are used to solve problems. Many physical therapies and surgeries are introduced by medical biophysics to cure diseases.

Importance and Applications of Biophysics:

Biophysics is very important in the field of medicines. Biophysicists used modern techniques and methods to overcome diseases. In ancient times when there were no advanced technologies, lots of people died with some diseases that are very common today. But then there was no proper treatment for those diseases. But now the solution to any problem is available.  Biophysics gives a new life to the hopeless patients. Read Guide about Optics Physics:
Followings are some applications of Biophysics:

  1. MRI, CT SCAN, and PET scans are the modern techniques that are introduced for standing the working of the internal part of the body.
  2. The first structure of DNA was solved in 1953. In ancient times this is much more difficult but today this is quite easy. We can now read millions of humans DNA without any difficulty. This becomes possible only with the help of modern technology.
  3. Biophysicists also used a computer modeling tool to understand the structure and movement of inner molecules, proteins, and viruses. And also detect the tumors inside the body.
  4. Biophysics also helps in the harmonal disorders. Biophysicsts study about the harmones and also about their disorders. Problems of kidney are also solved with biophysics. Kidney dialysis is a modern technology that gives a new life to those people who are suffering from kidney failure problems.
  5. Another application of biophysics is providing artificial heart valves.

Where do Biophysicists can work?

Biophysicist work in many fields related to both physics and biology.

  1. They work as a teacher in colleges and universities.
  2. As engineers in most inner companies for the development of drugs and also the instruments that are used in the medical field.
  3. As a researcher in universities and hospitals and also work as an investigator of research laboratories
  4. And also work as a lab manager in institutes and also in hospitals.
  5. Biophysics can work with computer modeling for providing the structures of different molecules and tissues, also provides the 3D structure of DNA, RNA, viruses, and proteins.
  6. Biophysicists also work as Agricultural scientists, Artificial intelligence designers, Biotechnician, and Bioinformatics.

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science of both biology and physics. Biophysics is a modern study of life that gives new hope in a field of medicines and also in artificial intelligence. It provides many modern technologies that make the surgeries easier and also very helpful for doctors.

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